International B.A. Program in Interdisciplinary Social Sciences

The Department of Interdisciplinary Social Sciences enables students to combine studies in diverse fields in order to promote academic thinking and analysis. As Bar-Ilan University’s most popular degree, the Social Sciences program targets individuals interested in developing new skills and enriching their professional capabilities, granting Bar-Ilan Students insight on a variety of fields and how each one interacts with the others, in order to provide the tools and broad perspective necessary to succeed in today’s global world. Our graduates proceed to assume key positions in leading companies and organizations in Israel and abroad.

Established in 1974, Bar-Ilan’s degree in Interdisciplinary Social Sciences has seen tremendous success and has attracted students from all over the country who wish to benefit from its unique curriculum. In 2011, BIU extended this academic option to international students by offering the degree entirely in English.

World-class faculty

The faculty at BIU's International B.A. Program lead their respective fields.

The academic standard at Bar-Ilan University is among the highest in the country. Students receive a top-quality education from our experienced and renowned faculty, composed of Israel’s most-accomplished professors in their respective fields. Over the course of three years, Program professors provide our students with personal guidance and professional supervision throughout their studies and offer advanced options for research and academic growth.


In BIU, Liberal Arts is a foreign concept. The International B.A. Program in Interdisciplinary Social Sciences offers graduates real job and career opportunities, while offering a broad curriculum to give graduates as many future options as possible. Additionally, the complimentary model our program follows gives students an advantage over graduates from a traditional degree by teaching them not just theory, but the practical interactions that take place among the various fields.

Interdisciplinary Social Science Students at Bar-Ilan join a workshop on campus

A small program in a large department

With over 3,000 students in the Department for Interdisciplinary Social Sciences, ours is the most popular Bachelors’ degree in Bar-Ilan University. Also, after almost 40 years of experience, students are provided with some of the best resources and academics the university has to offer. Combine that with a new program where everyone’s voice is heard, small class sizes, and none of the inherent bureaucracy, and you really get the best of both worlds.